Jerome Restaurant

A neo-bistro featuring original cuisine
SINCE 2016


Jérôme restaurant is a true house of Italian lifestyle and hedonism located in the historical center of St. Petersburg. Our team under the leadership of Yekaterina Yatsenko and Andrei Musikhin is pleased to offer you an exceptional atmosphere of Mediterranean hospitality. Yekaterina and Andrei traveled around the country from north to south to discover local culinary traditions and bring them to your table. It doesn’t matter at what time of the day — breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner at Jérôme is an incarnation of ``dolce far niente``*, that gives you an incomparable sense of calm and serenity. For seven years, all members of the restaurant team are striving to make our guests happy, so they could say in return: ``Let’s have a lunch at Jérôme, it’s always perfetto there!``**
* Italian ``sweet idleness``
** Italian ``perfect``




to the creation of a wine list, at the foundations of which lie natural and bio-dynamic wines that are timeless classics or modern and avant garde.

“Chef Antonio Fresa has set up a stand to grow herbs on right in the dining room, the manager Andrei Musikhin pours the wine, telling ironic stories about the various selections on offer, guests order variations on the classic Italian dishes and sense that they are explorers. That is the emotion that dominates here – the team can astonish, even when preparing pasta with cheese. That’s worth a lot.”

RBC Style

“At Jerome, Antonio’s workplace has been brought right out into the dining room: he’s continually there, as if at the captain’s bridge, only leaving it in in order to say to the latest diners to arrive, and to talk of pasta and crab and other specialties in a mixture of Russian, Italian and English.”

Газета "Деловой Петербург"

“The Italian flair in Jerome is just what you’d expect to find in Russia: if it’s a sandwich, then it’s made with mozzarella, if it’s an omelet it’s made with ricotta. There are two items that cover the “heavy luxury” mood: poached eggs with a parmesan cream and white truffles and a scramble made from truffles that are black.”


"The real delights here are the pots with pungent herbs of dozens of different kinds, and they’re by no means merely decorative: the kitchen and bar use them. Black truffles are generously grated into the mashed potato and omelet, the sweet potatoes are deep fried, chunks of fresh yellowfin tuna are added to the vitello tonnato, there are rivers of wine and life is a celebration.”

Коммерсант. Приложение "Стиль"

"Jerome is a modern gastronomic restaurant, located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, just a few steps from the Hermitage, St. Isaacs and other main city attractions. Freshness is the keyword for their menu. Antonio Fresa, the incredible talented, aspiring chef from Tuscany, while paying tribute to his Italian roots, creates his own twist on favourite dishes from all over the world."


"Antonio Fresa is undoubtedly one of the greatest chefs in St. Petersburg. A young man who has traveled the world and many kitchens to find his home, finally, in St. Petersburg...Young atmosphere, wooden tables, decorative greenery, for a contemporary, stimulating, creative and successful bistro. Well done."

Gambero Rosso


Manager | Owner


Sommelier and wine consultant


The wine list created by sommeliers Andrei Musikhin and Yekaterina Yatsenko consists of natural and biodynamic wines that combine classical and modern avant-garde flavours, evoking warmest emotions. The selection of Jérôme is formed by wines from all over the world. Our team samples dozens of types daily to choose the most gripping ones. Behind each variety from our collection stands the personality of real winemaker, so we can be sure of the superiority of each drink.


Planning a pre-wedding dinner, an anniversary or a friendly meeting? A separate room with tables for large companies, a party menu and a special selection of wines — in Jérôme, we have already taken care of this. On the day of the event, we’ll decorate the tables with flowers and candles and will congratulate the guest of honor with our entire team. We also offer catering services, so that you can transfer our menu, wine list and Italian hospitality to a rented area, a kitchen at your home or a terrace.


At our Store you can buy or order Italian specialties to be delivered to your home: cheeses, meat delicacies, Marco Lupi olive oil from Abruzzo, beans and black chickpeas from Frantoio Montecchia, Carnaroli Ferron rice, Vallolmo pasta from Sicily, peppers prepared using Antonio’s mother’s recipes, Sicilian olives in a unique recipe and much more besides.


Jerome Restaurant

Bolshaya Morskaya St., 25


Working hours 9:00 – 23:00


Delivery 11:00 – 22:00